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28 January 2019

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season!

Please visit Char’s cookie website to order your Girl Scout cookies. This is the last year for Savannah Smiles.

19 September 2016

Bruce Lee costume

I miss when I could choose his costume. Last year was a dinosaur. This year, he wants me to make another dinosaur. Will we ever top the Bruce Lee costume with glow in the dark nunchucks?

11 February 2014

Thank goodness for wireless

My toddler and 1 yo fell asleep in the car on the way home from the Zoo today. The toddler has not napped in days. I carried her upstairs. The baby is sleeping in his carseat. I'm leaving him there because he wakes up when transferred to bed and I don't want to stick him in the carrier. He naps in the carrier everyday. I'm sitting in the car next to him with the baby monitor since I can't hear the kids room from the garage and can't hear the garage from anywhere in the house.

22 January 2014

The big clothing purge begins...

Slowly but surely, purged 14 items today.

31 August 2013

Harvest time!

There's so much to learn about gardening. How and when to plant, how to make your plant grow, how to manage pests. Even when to pick the fruits of one's labor is tricky. Here it goes! These have just a teeny tiny bit of green and still have their little stems. Hope the taste great!