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07 June 2009

How to change oil for Nissan Pathfinder

1. Partially remove plastic splash under front of car. Remove the first 5 bolts on the passenger side of car. I used to take the whole thing off, but I’ve gotten lazy, since I can just peel it back and access the oil filter.

2. Have container to catch oil ready.

3. Unscrew bolt a little at oil tank located approximately under passenger side of dash.

4. Remove oil cap under hood. Unscrew bolt at oil tank completely and drain oil tank.

5. Pull back plastic splash and locate the oil filter, slide oil catcher under oil filter to catch any oil still in the filter and unscrew the old oil filter. It is slightly to the passenger side pointing forward and down.
6. Fill new oil filter with new oil, rub oil around rubber washer and screw on new filter.

7. Screw bolt back onto oil tank.
8. Add 5 1/8 quarts oil.
9. Screw oil cap back on and check oil level with dipstick.
10. Screw in bolts for plastic splash.

04 June 2009

Elmore Toyota

Daniel and I recently bought a used 2002 Toyota Prius for commuting. We needed to get the inverter coolant changed and went to Elmore Toyota. Daniel called ahead and got a quote of $129. When I brought the car in, I met with David Fleischman, one of the assistant service managers. I asked if they could do a free diagnostic check. He said that they do have a free brief diagnostic check. They would have to charge for a more thorough one. As I was checking in, David checked the maintenance history of the car for me without me having to even ask.

I also mentioned that the ventilation was making a strange sound like the sound a Jetson's car would make and he said that they would check it out. The coolant change took about an hour and they really tried to blow out whatever was making the noise in the ventilation for another 45 minutes, but said that they would have to take it apart to get at the actual fan to get whatever was stuck out.

The change and attempted blowing out the ventilation ended up costing $119 plus tax. David applied a coupon for us. While I was waiting for the car to be washed, I saw David valet a car from the pick up lot for a waiting customer because the regular valet person was taking a car to be washed.

Overall, my experience with Elmore Toyota was very good. They made the effort to perform up to their motto. They don't try to be the biggest, just the best.

Elmore Toyota contact info ask for David:
15300 Beach Blvd.Westminster, CA 92683
Tele: 800-643-2999
Fax: 714-894-3360