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30 December 2009

Tooth - molar

This is a molar that I made for my etsy site. I ended up giving it to my nephew because he has a loose tooth that is about to fall out. The pocket in the back is for trading the tooth for money from the tooth fairy.

22 December 2009

Target Anaheim, California

101 South Euclid Street
Anaheim, California 92802-1011


Monday - Saturday 8am-11pm
Sunday 8am-10pm

14 December 2009

Target on Beach - Westminster, California

Pavilion's Place
16400 Beach Boulevard
Westminster, California 92683


Monday - Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 8am-9pm

29 November 2009

Saab cup holder

This is the coolest built-in car cup holder I have ever seen.

16 November 2009

Supercar Life - driving at a racetrack in Las Vegas

This weekend, we went to Las Vegas and we got to drive a Porsche Turbo 977, Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin DB9 and a Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series at a Supercar Life half day driving session. Five amazing cars, five hours.

When we arrived at the track at 8am, all of the cars were lined up and ready to go. One of our drivers walked us through all of the models and told us how to start them and set them in automatic or manual. Then we got to try them out in the parking lot. First we accelerated as fast as we could in a straight line and broke really hard. Second, we wove around four or five cones as fast as we could then got back in line to try out the next car.

During the second part of the session, we started by sitting with a driver for two laps so they could show us what the car could do. For the third and fourth laps, we got to drive the same model and try to follow the driver ahead of us. Here's Daniel with a driver in the Mercedes.

Here's Daniel driving the Mercedes.

Daniel in his dream car, the Ferrari.
Me in the Aston Martin.

I am definitely not as interested in cars as Daniel is, but this driving session was SOOOOOOOO much fun. Each car was different and had different capabilities and I have a new appreciation for race cars.

15 November 2009

Target Fontana, California

16964 Slover Avenue
Fontana, CA 92337


M-Sat 8am-10pm
Sun 8am-9pm

06 November 2009

Target on Cherry Ave - Long Beach, California

950 East 33rd Street
Signal Hill, CA90755


M-Sat 8am-11pm
Sun 8am-10pm

Target on E. South and Downey - Long Beach, California

I tried to go to the Target in Long Beach, but it moved to Cherry Avenue.

03 November 2009

Singapore Airlines Review - Los Angeles to Tokyo

We got to fly in a 747 for our trip to Tokyo. We got a package from Singapore Airlines for about $1000 that included non-stop airfare from Los Angeles to Tokyo Narita, shuttle service from and to Tokyo airport, a half day tour and five nights at the Hilton in Shinjuku.

I got my picture taken with one of the stewardesses because I liked her uniform. I later read in the magazine in the pocket in front of my seat that French Courtier, Pierre Balmain designed the uniforms in 1968. The collar changed a little in 1974, but the Malay sarong-kebaya inspired outfits have remained exactly the same. The different colored patterns of the uniforms denote rank. The male crewmembers wear different patterned ties. Each crewmember receives 4 new uniforms. Singapore Airlines’ in-house tailors fit each uniform at least twice.
Each seat had on demand movies, tv channels and video games. The corded remote could be turned sideways to function as a video game controller. I played Mario Brothers, but since the A and B buttons were at a diagonal, I fell into a lot of holes.

Roasted peanut snacks.
Printed drink and food menu.

My Singapore Sling. The stewardess in the earlier picture did NOT skimp on the alcohol.
Lunch - Braised chicken and onion. Yummy!
Soba noodles with green onion and wasabi.
The seafood salad was surprisingly fresh and tasty.
Ice cream for dessert.

The light bites choices were a savory sandwich or this veggie wrap. I got a sandwich, but I ate it before I remembered to take a picture.

Our “light meal” before landing was spicy Thai fried rice. So good!

In our little international flight pouch, we got socks, a toothbrush and mini toothpaste.

29 October 2009

Tokyo Fish Market - Tuna Auction

The Tokyo Fish Market auctions are only open from 5am - 615am. Since we were jetlagged, we woke up and 4 am and went. This is an auction as viewed from the tiny visitors area. It was awesome. Before the auction started, this guy rang a bell for about three minutes.

28 October 2009

Hilton Shinjuku - Tokyo Japan

Our Singapore Airlines Tokyo package included 5 nights at the Hilton Shinjuku. The hotel was very clean and modern. All of the concierges spoke English really well and had great recommendations for food. The best recommendation was for a ramen area within a 5-8 minute walk. We ended up going there 3 times. The Shinjuku train station was within walking distance (about 15 minutes) or we could take the Hilton shuttle that leaves the hotel and picks up at the station every 20 minutes.

Daniel had emailed ahead to ask for a non-smoking room and if possible, one with a view. Our flight arrived late that evening around 8PM and they ran out of non-smoking rooms, so they upgraded us to a suite. The suite was amazing and almost as big as the suite we had for our honeymoon, but in a city! On the last day, the haze cleared and we even got to see Mt. Fuji.

The lobby of the hotel.

As you walk in, to the right are a little refrigerator, green tea and water.

Opposite the door is a desk.

The living room area.

The bedroom with a king sized bed. The dressers contained pajamas and robes.

There were slippers and an iron in the closet.

The bathroom.

Turn down service included a little mat…

and a paper crane.